revival is coming, and we are leading the charge.

// Jr. High + High School

"The aim of our CHARGE is love that flows from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith"
1 Timothy 1:5


*except the 1st Friday of the month


To see youth laying the foundation for their lives upon the solid rock of Christ by seeking Him, sharing w/ their friends, and serving the world around them for God's glory, and their joy!
// CHARGE student ministry exists to impart these biblical ideals in the lives of our youth:
  • To establish Jesus Christ as their first love 
  • To know their identity in Christ
  • To love others as Christ loved them
  • To operate in the good works God has prepared for them today

// These are the CORE VALUES that we model as leaders:
  • Love - To see people the way Jesus sees them.  We show compassion, concern and care
  • Welcome - Provide a welcoming environment, where you can be yourself
  • Acceptance (Romans 15:7) - Not tolerating sin, but accepting where everyone is at and loving them anyway
  • Encouragement - Always nudging and exhorting to be like Christ
  • Truth - No compromises to what the Word of God says
  • Fun / joy - Provide a happy and joyful environment
  • Living life together - Be there with you as you walk with God

Leaders: Yu's