Calvary San Mateo | Servant-Leaders

Jason Frei - Lead Pastor

Pastor Jason went to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta CA, moved back to Albuquerque NM, and in 2004, moved from Albuquerque -to- San Mateo CA with his high school sweetheart/wife Shannon. He served as Youth Pastor at Calvary San Mateo for 12yrs before being called to become the lead Pastor. You might think that's a long time to be a youth pastor, and you'd be right - it is - but it was an amazing time! Though Jason still has a heart to see young people walk with Jesus during the best years of life, he knows that God has called him to lead this Church and see an entire unique and diverse community serve the Lord all the days of their lives. He is passionate about building a Kingdom culture, and also enjoys surfing, rock-climbing, hiking, iced-lattes, reading, one-wheeling, burpees, designing stuff, and sitting under the waterfalls in Yosemite. He attributes everything to the providence of God, and especially for bringing Shannon into his life to be his bride - she is wonderful. Together they have three boys (#FreiBoyz), 1 boxer dog, and live in San Mateo.

Beth Marsh - Calvary Kids Director

Beth has been serving with our Kids ministry faithfully for 20+yrs! God has definitely gifted her to work with, and have an impact on children's lives as she is also a school teacher outside of Church. What a blessing to see her in her element and instilling priceless values into all the kids that have come through our Church - they've all spent a lot of times in Miss Beth's class! You will likely never see Beth without a smile on her face and a skip in her step - she is exuberant and filled with the joy of the Lord. She believes that the Word of God is for real lives today and the Bible continues to be our standard for living. She enjoys swimming, snorkeling, gardening and is a master-organizer (keeping us all sane). She has been married 39yrs, has two daughters, and lives in Foster City.

Chris & Angela Yu - Student Ministry Leaders

Chris & Angela have been a part of our fellowship for several years and are extraordinarily gifted. They often lead a worship team (FYI - they are amazing) and last year were called to lead our Jr. High/Sr. High youth ministry (CHARGE Student Ministries). Youth ministry is not for the faint of heart and they have taken on the commitment with zeal and perseverance to see the youth of our church and community grow in Christ. It also helps that they seem to have endless energy - mostly fueled by boba - and a willingness to be stretched in service to the Lord. They enjoy good sermons, discovering worship music, playing worship music, writing songs, board games, telling (and laughing) at jokes, finding good deals, boba, coffee, and spending time together as a family. They've been married for 14yrs, have two energetic boys, one lovely daughter, and live in San Mateo.

Jay & Jasmin Lopez - Worship & Admin/Missions

Jay & Jasmin have been serving at Calvary San Mateo for a solid 15yrs! They have served in youth ministry, A/V, Kids, Thrive, and he currently leads our Worship ministry while she serves as an amazing admin. Ironically, Jay and Pastor Jason went to Calvary Chapel Bible College at the same time, but don't recall ever meeting each other. As providence would have it, they'd be called to serve together at Calvary, and sink in deep roots here. Jay is also a methodical Bible teacher and fills in every now and then on a Sunday and/or a Thrive group. He is deeply knowledgable in God's word, and keen on applying it to peoples' lives which makes him a very adept biblical counselor as well. There are aspirations to lead a foundations and new believers class, but for now the focus is Worship which God has used him (and the team) for many years. Jaz helps oversee our announcements, connect center, and leads our partnership with Operation Christmas Child. We had the privilege of seeing them serve together, grow together, and then be called together in marriage!  Jay enjoys a good prank, paintball, driving, deep-thoughts, coffee, sleeping, hiking, reading, napping, local sports teams and spending time with his family. Jaz enjoys reading, hiking, tea, encouraging young woman in the faith, game nights, and the Giants. They've been married for 14yrs, have one daughter, one son, and live in Redwood City.

Jeff & Louise Camp - Elder & Admin

The Camps have been a part of our community for 3+yrs and have been a huge blessing to us. Jeff has been instrumental in seeing the vision of the church, and stepping in to utilize his gifts to make that vision come to life. He oversees our THRIVE home groups (Capt. Thrive), has led our Men's study, and therefore become an Elder at the church. Louise has been a blessing in supporting Jeff, raising a family, helping with our Connect Center, and working with the Admin team to ensure our community is unified, and everyone is kept up to speed on all that's taking place. Their passion for the Lord, His church, and the people in the Bay Area is evident in all they do. They have a great sense of humor, especially together, and enjoy exploring the Bay Area with friends and family. They are/were great athletes as well, and let's just say they can get a little competitive ;-) They've been married for 18yrs, have two daughters, and live in San Mateo.

Phil & Sheeva Peters - Elder & Finance

Phil & Sheeva are one of the most humorous and joyful couples you will meet. Phil with his dry, subtle, and dangerous humor is complimented well by Sheeva's bubbly, insightful, and joyful personality. Phil is actually the longest standing member of Calvary San Mateo since it was planted 25yrs ago, and is one of the most faithful men you can find. He serves the Lord with a humble heart, and has a great sense of humor. I would say he's led the A/V team for a long time, but he's adamant that he only does sound, so only the "A" portion, so it'd be fitting to say he's led the "A"-team for around 25yrs(!) He has since become an Elder and overseeing in that capacity for 10yrs. We are super grateful for his leadership and wisdom. Sheeva has been pivotal in helping with the financial operations of the church to make sure we are compliant, above reproach, and good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Phil & Sheeva have been married for 20yrs, have two daughters, one son, and live in Burlingame.

Albert & Beng Abude - Elder & Hospitality/Kids

Albert & Beng have been attending Calvary for over 15yrs and have been a big part of our community. Albert is gifted and has served in several ministries including A/V, Ushering, Hospitality, and has recently been ordained as an Elder of the Church. Beng is also amazing and serves with our Kids ministry and Hospitality. They are a wonderful couple and you can't help but smile and enjoy the time when you're around them. They both have a passion to live out and share the Gospel with those around them. They enjoy spending time together, going on dates, to ball games, and being involved in the lives of their kids. They've been married for 25yrs, have 2 boys in college, and one in high school, one German Shepherd, and they live in Daly City.

Claudio Catena - Elder/Missions Pastor

When you hear, "the Joy of the Lord is my strength", you should think of Claudio - everyone does. He truly has the joy of the Lord overflowing from him and look out - it's contagious. He often jokes that he's, "got a Dr.'s note" since he can be known to get a little crazy (in a good way), and because his wife, Anne, is a Dr. He was dramatically saved by the Grace of God over 25yrs ago, and has been clean, sober, and filled with joy ever since. He has beat cancer, slain many other dragons, and has used his gifts to run a successful business. He has been a part of our church for 14yrs, and been an Elder for 7yrs and an ordained Pastor for 6yrs. He helps lead mission trips with Medical Servants International, alongside his wife and several other physicians, to third-world countries. He and Anne have been married for 16yrs, he has two daughters, and lives in Burlingame.

Greg & Crystal Ienni - Admin & Security

Greg & Crystal are high school sweethearts, both born and raised in the Inland Empire (SoCal). They moved to Northern California when Greg felt led to relocate for work to the Bay Area in 2011, and have attended Calvary San Mateo since then. They are passionate about serving the Lord, and receive great joy in doing so @ CCSM. Crystal currently serves as our church Administrator and Greg leads the Security team. They enjoy camping/glamping, exploring new places as a family, are coffee connoisseurs, and avid foodies - Yelping their way to the best places and restaurants. You may see them on the highway as they also enjoy breathtaking motorcycle rides across the county. Crystal is also the founder of a nonprofit organization (Faith.Wife.Hero) that helps bring support and encouragement to wives of Peace Officers and their families. With Greg by her side they look forward to changing how policing is viewed in the home and community. Greg & Crystal have known each other for 24 years, married for 19 years, and are blessed with one son, two girls, and live in San Mateo.

Roz Robertson - Women's Ministry

Roz began her Christian walk in the early '70's during the "Jesus Movement" while attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, during the 'tent days' studying under Pastor Chuck Smith for 25yrs before moving to the Bay Area. During that time she was involved in Woman's Joyful Life studies with Kay Smith, and attended Calvary Chapel Bible College. Since moving to the Bay Area she has been involved with Woman's Ministry, Bible studies, and intercessory prayer. Her passion is to see women grow in the Grace & Knowledge of the Word, have a personal daily walk with their Savior, and be a godly example to their families. Her hobbies include baking, painting, and feeding people. She has been married to Mr. Wonderful for 46yrs, has one daughter, and two adorable granddaughters.

Raja & Petra Mondle - Hospitality

Raja & Petra lead our Hospitality ministry and embody what it means to be hospitable. We have been blessed to have them a part of our fellowship for almost 20yrs and they lead the team that provides all the yummy refreshments after service...I’ve heard some people come for those! They have lived all over the world including, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the Southern US. They have been serving Jesus for a long time and have a beautiful background and insight into what it’s like to serve the Lord Jesus in varying contexts and cultures. Raja grew up in India, and after his father came to the Lord, he raised his family up in the ways of the Lord. Raja has seen God do amazing things for the advancement of the Gospel in India. Petra grew up in China and also came to know the Lord at a young age. She has faithfully served the Lord since being a youth, and upon moving to India to serve, she did so along Mother Teresa! They both love good food, game nights, spending time in fellowship and prayer, and telling / laughing at good jokes. They are also both pretty much down for whatever, and enjoy a fun time. They have the most gentle and best senses of humor, and we love them so much. They have been married a long time, have two adult boys, one grandchild, and live in San Mateo.

Lois Clay - Poiema (Creative Arts)

Lois has been a part of our church for 15+yrs as well, and has served in all kinds of different ways. She's been one of our longtime Kids teachers, is on one of the worship teams, and leads our Arts ministry. Her aim with it is to "reach the hearts through the arts" - and she does just that. Whether it's hula, jazz, skits, etc., she is so passionate about what she does. Not only does she help form her students artistically, but her overwhelming desire is to form them spiritually, and to anchor them deeper in God. it's hard to think of someone more accomplished and humble at the same time. She enjoys music, art, helping others to see their potential, sharing and growing her faith in Jesus, soccer, and of course, science fiction movies. She has one son, one daughter, one granddaughter, and lives in San Mateo.